Courage Dear Heart, Courage!

Courage Dear heart, Courage!

The road ahead may be full of darkness,
But I will give you a reason to not become hopeless.
You see, even though the Earth may be dark,
It is only the darkest just before the dawn
So keep moving on …
With Courage and tenacity
Because when the Sun shines forth with splendor and majesty,
Its brilliant rays will wipe out all your iniquity.
And once again, all the darkness will be dispelled
Oh Dear Heart, the author of Love will come to you and dwell.

Courage Dear Heart, Courage!

It is your Lord’s command!
Because the heart of your Creator is not far from you,
In the valley of darkness; he is closest to you
He knows every beating of your being
And in his plan you will find meaning.
Every pain and suffering you endure,
Will only make you beautiful and pure.
And when your light will shine forth before all men…
The Glory of the Father will overshadow you
And you will receive favor from his mighty hand!

Courage Dear Heart, Courage!

Small though you may be, in the universe’s realm
But know that your name is carved in the highest Heaven
So open yourself to Love once again
And come out into the world because you were not made for pain
You were made for Love,
And it is from you that all Love flows to the other.
So as you keep beating there will be life,
With merry and rejoicing,
There’ll be angels dancing in the skies.
So Courage Dear Heart, Courage!
Because the Light will soon dispel the darkness!


38 thoughts on “Courage Dear Heart, Courage!

  1. This is extremely beautiful!!
    We were made with love for love!!
    And this poem is so much love to all who have lost hope, meaning or even themselves in the pursuit of goals!!
    This is extremely meaningful and inspiring!!
    Looking forward to more such great expression!!!

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  2. Tus lindas palabras me hacen pensar que si decaes en algún momento de tu vida, ya sabrás que hacer, sabrás que no estás sólo y te mantendrás receptivo frente al amor que habita en todo el universo. Es un gran mensaje para todos nosotros, que muchas veces no guardamos la esperanza, sobretodo en la de de un mundo mejor! Gracias por compartir, te felicitoooo….un abrazo desde Colombia!!!

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  3. Very inspiring poem. A call to keep the faith even when questions and setbacks abound. The Father of all Love is with us! Thanks Lester for the reminder!

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  4. Hola Lester. Cómo estás? No sabía que eras poeta también!!!

    Congratulations! Very nice poem and very meaningful. Yes, Love with capital “L” is the reason of our life


    Liked by 1 person

  5. This is a lovely poem!
    A hope in the darkest hours!
    I love the lines ‘He is the author of Love’ & ‘in the valley of darkness he is closest to you’.
    Keep your poems coming…We will only be too delighted to read!!

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