How to Grow in Self-Confidence and Be Blessing to Those Around You….

Take that First Step: Make a Promise and Keep It!

From here on, vow to live life with more confidence, zeal and greater surety. Of course, this does not mean you must forgo humility. Humility is a virtue that pleases God the most.However, falling into the trap of false humility is no virtue hence having a healthy sense of self-esteem and confidence in one’s self is crucial to growing in self- confidence.

Growing in self-confidence also means facing your fears, and simply doing.

Self- confidence ought to serve a bigger goal. The bigger goal would ideally be that which meets the common good of all. So a healthy self-confidence is not for the sake of ‘self’ but rather to equip oneself with the ability to serve others.Now dealing with people is no easy task. There are all kinds of people in this world. Those with minds, views, outlook, worldviews, egos, formation, education, motives, interests etc. that are most likely very different from your own.

Not to mention people with inferiority complexes and a superiority complexes. This, in other words, is true self-confidence that missed the mark. Everyone’s trying to achieve ‘good’ for themselves but with lack of grace from above we all miss the mark.But in some sense this is what makes us human, this is the ‘human compost’ that we have to deal with.  And since humility is most pleasing to God, we could recognize the ingredients in ourselves that keeps us from achieving true ‘self-confidence’ and leaving us trapped in untruth and feeling a lack of fulfilment.

We can become a blessing to those around us when our formation, views, motives and interests and most importantly actions are geared towards the good of everyone. We bear in mind the common good based on truths about our human worth which comes from above.

So grow in self-confidence by doing. And do what you fear the most, you will experience the joy of conquering your ‘excuses’ and growing in self-confidence.


You’ll Be Fine …

You’ll Be Fine…

You’ll be fine dear
It’s just a matter of time
So don’t you whine
Because your heart will be full of cheer
And all that fear
Will just disappear
Because Love will Triumph
So trust me when I say,

You’ll Be Fine

You’ll be fine dear
You’ve got to believe
Don’t let that negative voice deceive
The enemy won’t care
And he’ll only take away blessings from your share
So that your soul won’t heal
Because he loves to steal
But that won’t happen when you guard your heart
Then you will thank God for a brand new start
So trust me when I say,

You’ll Be fine

You’ll be fine dear
Because your Lord is near
Don’t you remember his great promise?
To love you more than mothers who nurse their babies.
For how can it be that a mother forgets her very own,
It’s impossible to think they will leave you disowned
But even if they do,
Your Master says “I will never abandon you”
So fight the good fight, until you win
And store your treasures, where no thieves can get in.
Take heart, my dear!
Right now, right here…
Cause you’ll be fine.

Courage Dear Heart, Courage!

Courage Dear heart, Courage!

The road ahead may be full of darkness,
But I will give you a reason to not become hopeless.
You see, even though the Earth may be dark,
It is only the darkest just before the dawn
So keep moving on …
With Courage and tenacity
Because when the Sun shines forth with splendor and majesty,
Its brilliant rays will wipe out all your iniquity.
And once again, all the darkness will be dispelled
Oh Dear Heart, the author of Love will come to you and dwell.

Courage Dear Heart, Courage!

It is your Lord’s command!
Because the heart of your Creator is not far from you,
In the valley of darkness; he is closest to you
He knows every beating of your being
And in his plan you will find meaning.
Every pain and suffering you endure,
Will only make you beautiful and pure.
And when your light will shine forth before all men…
The Glory of the Father will overshadow you
And you will receive favor from his mighty hand!

Courage Dear Heart, Courage!

Small though you may be, in the universe’s realm
But know that your name is carved in the highest Heaven
So open yourself to Love once again
And come out into the world because you were not made for pain
You were made for Love,
And it is from you that all Love flows to the other.
So as you keep beating there will be life,
With merry and rejoicing,
There’ll be angels dancing in the skies.
So Courage Dear Heart, Courage!
Because the Light will soon dispel the darkness!